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7 Low-Fat Soup Recipes That Are Truly Satisfying

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Winter is the season made for soup. But many store-bought soups have hidden ingredients that might not be aligned with your weight-loss and diet goals for this year. An easy solution? Make your own! We’ve taken all the guesswork out of the equation. Here, we’ve rounded up seven low-fat recipes that are not only diet-friendly, but also uber filling and tasty.

Low-Fat Soup Recipes to Make at Home

  1. Spinach and Leek White Bean Soup
    Spinach, and leeks, and beans, oh my! If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll love this tasty, abundant soup that’s low in fat. From start to finish, it’s ready in 25 minutes.
  2. Wheat Berry Ribollita
    Hearty enough to serve as a full meal itself, this soup combines wheat berries, tomatoes, and vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, peppers, onion, and celery to create a delicious bowl of goodness.
  3. Super Low-Cal Healthy Creamy Vegetable Soup
    This vegetable soup has only 124 calories per bowl, yet it’s just as tasty as you’d imagine it should be. Make it for dinner and take the leftovers for lunch.
  4. White Bean Chicken Chili Not only does a serving of this soup only contain around 6 grams of fat, but the combo of chicken and beans will keep you fuller longer.
  5. Creamy Mushroom Soup
    Don’t let the word creamy scare you! Light meets flavorful in a bowl of this soup. The secret to the flavor? Shiitake mushrooms!
  6. Lemon and Dill Quinoa Chicken Soup
    A bowl of this low-fat (5 grams), low-sugar soup (only 6 grams) has a whopping 18 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Enjoy a bowl and feel satisfied after.
  7. Weight-Loss Vegetable Soup
    Packed with veggies and flavor, this light soup can be beefed up by adding in a lean protein like ground turkey or a filling grain like quinoa. Whip up a large pot and eat it for lunch all week.

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