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How to Deal with Someone Who Keeps Giving You Weight-Loss Tips

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When you’re working hard to drop pounds and you know you have a good amount of weight to lose, it can take a lot of determination, and yes, even courage, to get yourself to the gym — especially if you’re starting from scratch. It can also take some strength to go to social functions that revolve around food you can’t eat when you’re on a diet.

So when someone comes up to you at places like these and starts giving you weight-loss tips, it doesn’t only feel jarring, but also embarrassing and annoying, too. Even if the person has good intentions, weight-loss journeys are hard enough without having to deal with unwanted advice.

Here’s how to quickly, and politely, deal with someone who continues to give you unwanted weight-loss tips!

How to Deal With Unwanted Weight-Loss Tips

Decide if they mean well, then act

The difference between your mom, who loves you very much, continually trying to “help” you with your meals whenever you go home to visit and a random stranger who walks up to you in the gym and starts giving you unsolicited advice about your workout routine is big. If you know the person means well, try to understand where they’re coming from before you respond. If it’s a stranger, don’t be afraid to establish boundaries with a firm — yet polite — “Thanks, but I think I’m OK.” 

Don’t take it personal

Just because someone thinks you should do things a certain way, doesn’t mean they’re right — even if they say it with a lot of conviction. Just because it worked for them, doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Do your best to stay grounded in your own journey and focused on the healthy habits that are working for you. Don’t let someone else’s noise distract you from your path to success!

Kill ’em with kindness

It can be easy to lose your temper with someone when they give you unsolicited advice, but that’s rarely the way to a good outcome. Try to be as polite as possible, even when you’re basically telling them to take a hike and leave you alone! The more polite and steady you are, the less ammunition they’ll have for any follow-up comments.

Stay focused

Don’t let negative advice knock you down or cause you to fall into a downward spiral. You were doing great before, and you can continue that trend as long as you stay focused on yourself.

Stay optimistic

Staying optimistic is not only a positive way to go through life, studies now suggest it may actually keep us healthier! Do what you can to shake off any advice that doesn’t feel true to you, and continue to see the glass half full. Your weight-loss journey will be better for it.

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