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5 Weight Loss Resolution Mistakes to Avoid

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Avoid these common weight loss mistakes to make this the year you finally reach your health goals!

If the results of your previous New Year’s resolutions have you wondering if it’s really worth it to make another one, a recent study says yes. According to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 46 percent of participants who made a New Year’s resolution were “continuously successful” in following through with that resolution, while only four percent of participants who made no resolutions actually achieved their goals

So while making an actual resolution to lose weight and get healthier can help us turn those desires into reality, there are a few mistakes many of us make when setting our weight loss goals. Avoid the five mistakes below to increase your chances of success!

Deciding to Lose Too Much Weight, Too Fast

As a society, we love the idea of a quick fix, but we shouldn’t overlook our health while focusing on shedding pounds. Because everybody’s different, it’s important to talk with a doctor and decide together on a healthy weight loss number. While losing 100 pounds in a year might be healthy for some, it’s not realistic for most people, and may not even be advisable for others.

Forgetting to Create a Plan

Putting your resolution down in writing is a great start, but if that’s as far as you go, it could create a problem for the future. Writing out a detailed plan (How much weight do you want to lose a month? What kind of activity will you do every day? How are you going to change your eating habits?) that you can continuously refer to will help you track little victories and stay on the path to success!

Avoiding a Support System

Yes, you are strong and completely capable of achieving your weight loss resolutions, but having people to turn to when times get tough can provide both motivation to continue, and reassurance when you stumble. Decide on the people you want to surround yourself with during this journey, and invite them to come along. If you need additional support, Alli is an FDA approved, over-the-counter weight loss aid that prevents about 25 percent of the fat you eat from being absorbed (when taken as directed and when used in combination with a low fat, reduced calorie diet). Increase your chances of success with support you can count on, including Alli.

Joining the Wrong Gym

Physical activity is a vital part of weight loss, but joining a gym that either intimidates you or doesn’t offer the kind of classes you enjoy is not going to provide the kind of incentives you need to get there every day. Researching gyms or classes nearby that seem fun, and then checking them out beforehand, is the perfect way to ensure you’ll actually get to the gym.

Allowing Slip-Ups to Derail the Goal

Weight loss can often be a difficult journey. There are bound to slip-ups and backtracking, so don’t berate yourself when they happen. After bumping into an obstacle, use your support system and your resilience to dust yourself off and keep going.

This New Year’s Eve, make those resolutions proudly, and give yourself the credit you deserve for taking the first step towards a positive life change!