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How to Find the Best Fall Jacket

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The arrival of Fall may be synonymous with changing leaves, weekend apple-picking adventures, and hot chocolate dates with friends, but it’s also a time for switching out our Summer wardrobes in exchange for cool-weather attire. And if you’re a fan of fashion, you know that one of the most important clothing items of the Fall season is the jacket.

Warmer months usually require light fabrics and cropped fits, but fall is typically all about layered looks — which can sometimes make dressing tricky, especially when you want to avoid looking bulky. We sat down with Candace Hanna, a Los Angeles-based personal stylist, to get her tips on finding the perfect Fall jacket for every body type!

How to Find Your Perfect Fall Jacket

Know Your Body Type

One of the first things to consider when choosing a great Fall jacket is to understand what your body type is. For example, are you pear-shaped or apple-shaped? Do you have a short torso or long torso? Should you buy an item in standard or petite sizing? These are all great questions to consider before you make a jacket purchase.

“The proper silhouette will make all the difference when shopping for a jacket that's flattering,” said Hanna. “The shape and length of the jacket will depend on your body type, and will matter in terms of flattering your shape.”

Tailored Pieces Make All the Difference

“Try and find jackets with seams at the waist and down the back,” added Hanna, “A tailored jacket is going to give a nice silhouette as opposed to a jacket that is boxy with no shape.”

A jacket with a cinched waist, either made possible by seams or using a belt, can also create more shape.

Fit Is Key

It can be tempting to buy an item of clothing we absolutely love — even when it just doesn’t fit quite right. In order to ensure that your jacket will both look and feel great, double check that you are getting the right size and don’t force it if the sizing is off.

“Check shoulder seams to make sure they're in the right spot and make sure the sleeves aren't too long,” said Hanna, “If a jacket is too big, it'll look sloppy and make you appear larger than you actually are.”

It’s All About the Fabric

When choosing a Fall jacket that will accentuate your body, not overwhelm it, look for fabrics that are warm without being too bulky. “Fabrics like wool provide a lot of warmth without bulk,” said Hanna, “as opposed to puffers, for example.”

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