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Could Daily Weigh-Ins Help You Lose Weight?

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Staying motivated while you’re trying to lose weight can be difficult, and there are many tips and tricks out there designed to keep your determination burning. One “trick” that’s often discussed is daily weigh-ins. Is it an excellent way to keep you truthful and on track, or a detrimental habit?

Daily Weigh-Ins to Lose Weight: What the Research Says

While there can be pros and cons to weighing yourself every day, there are a few studies that suggest the pros might rise to the top.

A 2013 study with 91 participants found that “daily self weighing can produce clinically significant weight loss.” A second, smaller study done in 2016 (where participants were predominantly female) produced results that “identified several positive aspects to daily self-weighing,” including enhanced weight control and weight maintenance (because of regular feedback from the scale). And finally, a third study published in 2018 that looked at data from more than 1,000 participants during a 12-year span found that people who weighed themselves once a week or less did not lose weight, while people who weighed themselves almost every day averaged a 1.7 percent weight loss.

Finding Strategies to Lose Weight That Work For You

While these studies suggest a positive connection between daily (or almost daily) weigh-ins and weight loss, it’s important to choose a weight-loss strategy that works for you. According to the American Heart Association, two actions that overwhelming lead to successful weight loss are modifying eating habits and increasing physical activity.

When it comes to weight loss, one method does not fit all. Talk with your doctor about the options that will keep you personally motivated every step of the way.

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