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How to Pick the Best New Year’s Eve Outfit For Your Body

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These stylist-approved outfits for each body type will have you glowing this New Year’s Eve.

One of the best ways to shine on New Year’s Eve is with a killer outfit, and that doesn’t just mean pieces that are on trend. The best looks come together when you’re confident! We chatted with fashion and wellness blogger Ashley Brooke Fiumara to get her tips on dressing for your shape.

A NYE Outfit for Every Shape


Tall ladies, Brooke Fiumara has one thing to say to you: “Play it up!” It’s time to rock your Amazonian goddess qualities and highlight what makes you unique. “Taller women often shy away from heels, but I say own it and accentuate those gorgeous legs with a beautiful heel,” she says.

Her favorite piece for you? “Faux leather skinnies! They will accentuate your already superlong legs, and you can pair them with a fun sequin top and heels or boots for a complete look.”


It’s time for you to embrace your height, girlfriend! Brooke Fiumara’s pro tip: get creative. “Shop for oversized sweaters in the regular section — not petites! — so you can turn them into a sweater dress!”

The vibe will be cozy yet classy; it makes for an effortlessly chic, totally unique one-piece outfit. “Pair your sweater dress with an ankle bootie, and you’re good to go for NYE.”

Pear Shape

This outfit is going to be a cinch — literally. “Define your waist with a belted or tied-waist dress,” Brooke Fiumara said. “Opt for sleeveless with a cinched waist to balance your proportions and show off that sexy waist!” Don’t be afraid to add in a little glitz to the mix . . . maybe a bejeweled or sparkly belt? It’s the holidays, and you’re more than allowed to be bold.

Big Booty

In the words of Sir Mix-A-Lot, “Shake that healthy butt!” Got assets? Let’s accentuate them! No camouflaging for this holiday celebration — “opt for solids over prints,” Brooke Fiumara said. This will highlight what you’ve got going on. As for the perfect piece? “A timeless body-con to show off that booty!”

Think about something figure-skimming with a little stretch. It’ll hug you in all the right places, and your look will be jaw-dropping.

Curvy All Over

If you fall into this category, you know all too well how difficult it can be to find something off the rack that fits you just right. Enough of that — make the clothes work for you! Brooke Fiumara’s advice is to make sure whatever you land on is custom-fitted to highlight your beautiful bod. “See a tailor to have your outfit fitted perfectly,” she said.

Her vision for your holiday outfit: “an elegant trouser pant with a fitted top and glam belt.” Something that screams elegance and taste and makes you feel like a star.

Straight, Ruler Shape

Get ready to be a showstopper at your New Year’s bash: your shape is going to look fabulous with a juxtaposed style. “Mix something fitted with something oversized,” Brooke Fiumara said. “Like a distressed boyfriend crop jean (oversized) with a bodysuit (fitted).” Helloooo, gorgeous. Best dressed of 2018 goes to . . . you!

Every Type

Brooke Fiumara’s number one tip for every single shape and size: “Love. Your. Body! You are not defined by your shape!” Amen to that. The best style tip she has to offer is this: “Wear confidence! Rock what you love to wear, not what you ‘think’ you should love based on your body.” We couldn’t agree more.

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