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5 Ways to Love Your Summer Body (That Don't Include the Gym)

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It's summertime! (Insert song lyrics about how perfect Summer is here). But let’s be honest — sunny days can mean showing off a little more skin, and that only feels good if you feel good in your own skin. That doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym for hours on end, or start a brand-new diet, or try the latest juice cleanse, though. There are a lot of ways that you can feel confident in your Summer body! Read on to learn some tricks and tips to help you practice self-love and acceptance, so you can enjoy Summer with a positive, healthy body image.

Love Your Summer Body

State a Morning Mantra of Self-Acceptance

Starting the morning on a positive note can help set the tone for the rest of the day. So why not make self-love the focus of that intention? Each morning when you look into the mirror, say something that you love and appreciate about your body. Even if it seems strange at first, the more you say it, the more you’ll believe it, and you’ll start feeling more confident in your own skin.

Eat Fresh, Healthy Foods

The start of a new season means a whole new produce menu of fresh fruits and vegetables that are best this time of year. This includes crops such as apples, cherries, blueberries, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, summer squash, watermelon, and more in the Summer, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Try to find a local farmers market and buy healthy produce that you can cook at home and use in healthy recipes. You’ll know exactly what’s going into your food, so you can be sure you’re keeping things nutritious yet health-conscious so you feel better on the inside — which, in turn, will make you look better on the outside.

Wear Sunscreen

It’s not news that sun damage can lead to skin cancer, but sunburn also hurts and isn’t something you want to deal with after a nice Summer day. So lather up before heading out on a sunny day! The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends “a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for any extended outdoor activity.” You’ll be protecting your skin for the long term, and you’ll feel more comfortable not being red that evening!

Find a Perfect Bronzer

Bronzer is a healthy alternative to sun exposure, and a little added glow can make all the difference! Who doesn’t feel a little more confident with a slight tan? Hit up your local makeup department store to find a bronzer that gives you the color you desire! If you’re not sure what to look for, ask a salesperson for help. They know the products best and can usually make good suggestions.

Buy a New Swimsuit and Cover Up

Look confident, feel confident — and you can only do both of these things if you like what you’re wearing! Instead of throwing on a bikini you’ve had for five Summers, invest in a new swimsuit that fits like a glove and makes you feel great. There are options for every single body type, so try on as many as you need to in order to find your favorite. And if you really want to spoil yourself, grab a new coverup to go with it!

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