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How to Find the Perfect Jeans for Different Body Types

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If you’re focused on getting back into shape and losing weight after a fun summer, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of us fall off the wagon during those lazy, hazy days, and decide it’s time to start eating healthier as soon as the weather starts to cool down and everyone comes back from their mental vacations.

But even if you’re looking to shed some pounds, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your fashion while doing it! We spoke with a few celebrity stylists all about how to find the perfect pair of jeans for any body type, so no matter where you are on your health journey, you can look fabulous on your way to work or school this fall season!

How to Find Jeans for Every Body Type


Women who are smaller with a flatter backside should opt for jeans that have detailing on the pockets to accentuate the curves they do have, as well as jeans with fuller coverage (mid-rise to high rise) to elongate their legs.


Finding jeans when you’re curvy can sometimes be difficult, but according to celebrity stylist Jeni Elizabeth, it helps if you go into the process “knowing what you are looking for, with a goal in mind, and remembering that everyone’s body is different and yours is just as rad as the supermodel on the screen.”

“Generally I like to stick to a darker wash or even black for my curvy clients, as they are the most slimming and flattering,” says Elizabeth. She goes on to explain that the biggest mistake she sees curvy women make is “going larger because in their heads they think they are larger.”

A skinny cut can be very flattering and will elongate your legs, Elizabeth says. Stick to a mid-rise, dark wash, skinny fit.


If you’ve got thick or athletic thighs, it can make buying jeans tough - certain sizes may not fit over your legs, while other sizes may fit over your legs but gap at the waist. If you consider yourself athletic, opt for a “jegging” style — tighter with a good amount of stretch. This will help you feel as comfortable as possible in your jeans.

Pear Shaped

If you are pear shaped, you likely have a smaller upper body, fuller hips and a larger behind, says celebrity stylist and TV personality Ali Levine. “To flatter your figure, you want to opt for bootcut or a wide-legged jean. These silhouettes slim your shape perfectly without hiding those great curves, and the sleek lines will elongate your legs — everyone wants their legs to look longer and thinner!”

A high rise helps define your waist, continues Levin. “A lot of pear shaped women wonder if they can wear skinny jeans. The tip is that it’s all in the rise! So when you’re looking, look for high rise skinnies. They help highlight the smallest part of your waist.”

Petite and Curvy

“Just because you’re petite doesn't mean you are tiny all over,” says Elizabeth. When it comes to petite, curvy bodies, Elizabeth recommends sticking to a darker, mid-rise jean, or a skinny jean. “And, great news, you can cut them and fray them (with kitchen scissors and a long machine wash)” Elizabeth continues.


Celebrity stylist Misa Hylton advises taller women to look for jeans “where the rise sits at the natural waistline so you look proportioned.” Hylton goes on to say that “skinny, ankle length jeans are also a plus for taller women because they can pull it off perfectly.”

Losing weight is often more a journey than a destination, and according to Elizabeth, it’s important to treat yourself well during the transition: “Own your body through the process and have fun with different styles and trends for different shapes you go through!”

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