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Is Your Weight-Loss Journey a Slow One? Research Says That's Okay!

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When we have a good amount of weight we want to lose, it’s common to want to lose it all, right now! That’s probably why quick fixes and fad diets are still so popular; they promise to help us shed all of our excess pounds ASAP, with very little hard work involved.

Of course, we all know these “quick diet fixes” barely ever end up providing results in the long term, and there’s always going to be a little bit of hard work involved! But for those of us out there worried that slow progress is hindering our weight-loss journey — there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

According to a new study, people who lose weight quickly won’t necessarily reap any more health benefits than those of us who lose it slowly, and the thing that really matters is the amount of overall weight lost.

The study, which was published in 2019 in the Journal of Obesity, assessed 11,281 patients who were participating in a year-long weight management program. Researchers found that while fast weight loss initially had “greater improvements” in waist size and blood pressure, when they looked at the big picture — overall weight loss during the one-year period — faster weight loss didn’t appear “to have advantages for improving metabolic health markers.”

What can we take away from this particular study? Generally, when it comes to weight loss, what really matters is that you lose the weight, not how fast you lose it! Of course, this could mean different things for different people, as everyone’s weight-loss journey is different (and should be monitored by a physician), but it’s a good thing to remember if you ever feel stressed out by the speed at which those numbers on the scale are dropping. It’s also a good thing to keep in mind if you notice other people seemingly losing weight faster. Just because your workout partner — or a celebrity on Instagram — is dropping pounds at a quicker rate, doesn’t mean that you won’t ultimately be just as successful!

Losing weight is a personal journey, and one that only gets easier with support from friends and family.

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